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The Bamfield Inn property is a combination of 3 buildings. Newly renovated, the 12 'room' inn (in the back) has private accommodations/bathrooms, with a common kitchen and living room area for guests to use. We have 8 more rooms in the middle building, 4 of them with amazing water views and 2 of these have very large private waterfront decks to enjoy. The front building hosts an ocean front event room and family style accommodation unit for those that want to be right on the water and at the boardwalk. 21 rooms in all!  

The middle and largest building on the property is a 100 years old, with TONS of history, and will also be a part time liscenced restaurant opening the summer of 2024. The deck overlooks the channel, has fantastic views, and is a great place to watch all the action! 

If you want to come fishing, visit a unique, small, beautiful west coast town, hike to Cape Beale, rest after finishing the famous West Coast trail, relax on an amazing beach, host an event/wedding/family get together/retreat or meeting, then this is THE PLACE FOR YOU!

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